14 taps, 14 members.

Secret Beer Society

The Insider Scoop

Do you find yourself frequenting the same places over and over? I know. We do too. This is the fundamental of the SBS. Become a part of our 1st generation pledge class. Meet new people,  be a part an integral part of our Little Tap House community! It will be fun. 


Do you like beer? Like...really like beer? Yeah, us too. The flavors, the hops - we can't get enough! Beer people are happy people (hm, I wonder why?) - we want you to be the first part of our beer culture. Beer diners, special tastings - join us!


Get to know your pledge class! 14 people from 14 walks of life; who all share a common love for Portland, Food and GREAT Beer. 



{ 14 taps, 14 members }

You've read it - 14 taps, 14 membersWe're seeking a pledge class of 14. A class to start it all off. As we introduce a 2nd generation and 3rd, members will be added to your 'family tap'. A network of fun, down-to-earth beer lovers.